Sunday Comics

Instead of reading the Sunday comics I want to share some funny moments from my classroom from this week. Ideally, I want to do this every week but realistically I know this won’t happen. I hope to share as often as I can and I encourage others to do so as well. I feel like this could be a “spin off” of One Good Thing with a mix of “Not Top 10” from ESPN. 

In no particular order,

1. Last year I taught Algebra 2/Trig in New York State. As Mr. Honner has chronicled here, these are just wonderful tests. Anyway, one of my students from last year who did not pass the test came to catch up with me. She is going to retake the test in January and was wondering if she should get a tutor. I suggested she should. Her response, “Well, I guess it should be someone besides you since I already failed it after you taught me.” Can’t deny she thinks logically. Might have to mention this in her college recommendation she asked me to write. She didn’t realize how this sounded and once I started laughing she realized what she said.

2. Before my first period class started I overheard a student conversation. One student was telling another how he was getting sick and right before school took NyQuil instead of DayQuil because he was out of DayQuil. He was actually excited to see if he would be able to stay up all day in school. He had no problem in my class, I wonder if he made it…

3. In AP Calc, I handed out a questionnaire about trig to see how much they remembered. One of the questions asked what trig was used for. One response was two words: “Boy Scouts.” So at some point this kid made a connection between trig and boy scouts. Don’t ask me what part of Boy Scouts. Just Boy Scouts in general? Amazing.

4. A student sent me an email this week from their phone. When they typed in my last name, their phone auto-corrected it to “Mr. Cialis.” She was quite embarrassed when she saw this. 

5. This last one is really from last year but was too good not to share. It was on a particular multiple choice question on the Algebra 2/Trig Regents. I’m not sure what the exact sequence was but it went something like this: Picked choice A, crossed it out, picked choice D, crossed it out, wanted to go back to A so drew an arrow to A, changed her mind so crossed out the arrow, picked choice C, crossed it out, went back to D by drawing an arrow. Her answer sheet looked something like this: 


Had to show some of the other proctors and we (including the student) had a good laugh about it. The best part was that she passed the Regents. Must have been a tough question!


These are just a few examples of why I enjoy teaching and what makes it fun and interesting. 

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