First post

I’ve finally started a blog! Last year I was fortunate enough to get a job (my first) at a school in upstate NY where Dan Anderson worked. Before long I was on Twitter                   (@TweetlessTim15) following many wonderful math teachers who had the same interests as me. Prior to this, I had no idea this sort of community existed. For the most part I have lurked in the shadows. During my first year of teaching I checked Twitter every single day and I have stolen many great ideas and resources from just about anyone (Thank you!) from the MTOBS community. I keep up on your blogs without you even knowing it!

At the beginning of last year I was tempted to start a blog when Sam Shah started the Math Blogging Initiation. I felt I wasn’t quite ready to take the jump. Throughout the year Dan kept telling me I should start a blog but as you know, the first year of teaching was busy. Wonderful, but busy. This summer I knew I finally wanted to take the jump. It took me to the last two weeks of summer to start a blog, but hey I am starting one!

I am looking forward to a public place where I can reflect on my teaching and get feedback from others. A quick note about the blog name: Throughout the summer I was trying to come up with a creative name. I was coming up blank. On a road trip, I happened to see an RV with the words “The journey is more important than the destination” on the side. I immediately thought of how this related to teaching. Teaching is a journey. It is a challenging, exciting, and fun journey where you learn new things around every corner. I have only taught one year and I have already seen this. I admit, the name is kind of corny but I needed to come up with something before the school year started.

More to come during this upcoming year!

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3 Responses to First post

  1. samjshah says:

    Hahaha, I had the same thing when starting my blog (regarding the name). I just couldn’t think of anything so I just bit the bullet and wrote something — so I could be DONE and stop obsessing about that detail. But yours is really nice! I like it — because what you say is definitely so true.

    Good luck with the blogging journey too… And keep your eyes peeled if you want to do this year’s variant on the New Blogger Initiation…


  2. Dan says:

    First post!
    Very excited to see the reaction from the mathtwittoblogosphere to your excellent work!

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